Cookies Policy

Cookie Policy

Our website uses cookies. A cookie is a small file containing an identifier, such as a string of numbers or letters, which are downloaded to your browser by a web server when you visit a website. The identifier is then sent back to the server each time the browser requests a page from the server. Cookies are an important tool used by websites as they effectively act as a memory by allowing websites to recognise a browser and remember what it has done in the past.

Types of Cookies

Cookies fall into two main groups, session cookies and persistent cookies. A session cookie will only be active whilst the user has their browser open, as soon as the browser is closed the cookie will expire. A persistent cookie will be stored on the user’s browser until a set expiry date; typical persistent cookies can have a 30/45/90 day expiry time. The cookie will remain active until the expiry date or until it is deleted by the user.

1: Strictly Necessary Cookies

This type of cookie enables you to use services you have specifically asked for. They are essential for you to move around a website and access certain features such as login or payment screens. Without these cookies, websites are not able to function properly. This type of cookie would be classified as a session cookie and therefore is only active whilst the user has their browser open.

2: Performance Cookies

This type of cookie collects anonymous information on the pages you visit. No personal information is collected; instead these cookies simply track how you interact with the website logging events such as pages looked at and error messages displayed. Information gathered is used to improve website functionality by learning from visitors experiences.

3: Functionality Cookies

These cookies remember choices you make to help improve your user experience. An example of this may be a website that provides local weather updates. Once you’ve selected the area you would like to check the cookie will remember this choice and next time you visit the website the same area will be automatically selected for you. These cookies are specific to the website they downloaded from and any information collected is not shared with other websites.

4: Targeting or Advertising Cookies

These cookies collect information about how you browse the internet and then use this to target advertising relevant to your interests. This type of cookie is generally used by advertising networks and is placed on websites with the owner’s permission. The cookie will track the websites you visit and then display adverts on the advertising network that are targeted at your interests.